Travel app

The solutions provide a personalized app for the travelers. The app contains information about flights, transfer, events, destination, weather, local attractions and more. Integrates with your booking system and payment providers for in app purchases.

App features

App creation

Intuitive interface

Get an account for the system, and you are ready to create travels in the app. You will work completely independently, creating and customizing the app, and not a single line of code has to be written.


The system provides a wealth of reports. Follow in real time how people are interacting with the app, and track the bookings of events at your various destinations


You integrate your booking system with the app system via an API that transfers all data on travels, guests and special orders. Texts and photos of hotels and destinations etc. will also be imported through the API.

App invitations

Send login information to your guests directly from the userfriendly invitation system. You can run the invitation process manually or let the system create SMS and mail invitations automatically whenever a new booking is made.

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