Profile Profile

Developer must be strong in consulting and developing requirements with the customer. The customer have Russian speaking personnel, but oral English capabilities is a requirement.

Customer Customer

Norwegian booking system for the travel industry. They are looking to expand the features of their booking system in regards to many different features and integrations; e.g. payment integrations / Fintech.

Tasks Tasks
  • Define requirements with the customer
  • Implement features in the solution
  • Hand over to test with the customer
  • Possibility to travel to Norway for work
Technology stack Technology stack
  • .NET core and .NET
  • MSSQL and Postgres
  • AWS and possibly Azure for alimited time
Salary and perks Salary and perks
  • Competitive salary reflecting your capabilities
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Referral bonus
  • Courses paid by employer
  • Central office in Khmelnitksiy
  • Possibility for remote working

Contact us

+45 4272 2872

Vibekegade 5, 1. tv, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

CVR 27 72 63 05